The Pet Tap Franchise

The Pet Tap Franchise


Your neighborhood is no different than ours. One way or another, our furry friends somehow get lost from time to time. No area is safe when it comes to missing pet flyers. 

That’s why it’s crucial to have a way to bring them back home. With a pet locator, you’ll be able to have your companion home in no time.

And, there’s a way to help your neighbors and locals do the same thing. If you love animals and wish to help their safety, bringing a Pet Tap franchise to your country might be your best move.

Our franchise owners are people from all over the world, with different histories and life experiences, but with one thing in common. They all helped many people reunite with their lost companions.

Check out what a Pet Tap franchise brings to you and how smart tags can save your pet’s life.

What’s Included in a Pet Tap Franchise

By becoming one of our franchise owners, you’ll be a part of the Pet Tap family. We’ll make sure you feel that way through this experience. 

These are the benefits of holding a Pet Tap franchise:

  • Marketing Support

We’ll help you throughout the process of developing a brand and establishing your presence on the market. Our pet tags are a premium product, and we’ll help you reach the customers that need them most.

  • Launching the dedicated Pet Tap domain in the country(ies) of your choice

It’s 2022. Working without a web domain isn’t a real option. We’ll make sure you’re present online, as well as in parks and pet daycares.

  • E-commerce website 

Of course, you must have a ready-to-order system online and let your customers order pet tags as quickly as possible.

We’ll help you create an e-commerce website for that purpose.

  • Global Brand PR

Our partner, Executive Digital, is a leading enterprise franchisee/franchisor digital marketing agency helping our brand development.

You’ll gain the benefits of working with such professionals by being a part of the Pet Tap family.

  • Launch package
  • All marketing and branding materials

Experience Isn’t a Must.

Don’t get discouraged thinking that being a franchise owner is too large of a step for you. 

Yes, some people in the Pet Tap family are experienced businessmen. However, that isn’t a deciding factor. Some of our owners had no experience in business at all.

You don’t need much knowledge to be successful if you have a team of pros behind you. And, with Pet Tap, you’ll have the best team constantly working on succeeding together.

Being a small business owner is about developing your spot in the community, helping it work its way up, and always leaving the customer happy.

What Is Pet Tap and How to Use It?

Our smart tags are a pretty straightforward product to use. Whoever finds your lost pet should only tap its tag, and they’ll have all the necessary information.

Of course, you’re allowed to lock the profile and keep your privacy. 

The owner can release the info only once their pet has lost its way home, guaranteeing the safety of your information.

So, after the tap, your lucky charm will see the pet’s address, name, and your number. Hopefully, you and your favorite four-legged friend will be back together in no time.

And, don’t worry about moving or changing numbers. The profile on your pet tags can be changed as often as you wish. 

Check Out Our Website

If your community would benefit from a Pet Tap franchise, contact our team through our website and schedule a meeting at your earliest convenience. We’d be more than happy to take you through the entire process and explain how our family operates.