Introducing the Pet Tap

Introducing the Pet Tap


If you’ve ever had a pet, they’ve probably gotten lost at some point in their life. Unfortunately, their curious nature often takes them away on adventures they shouldn’t go on, which may lead to trouble. Since there’s no way we’ll try to change our pets’ nature, investing in their safety is the best solution we know.

Luckily, there is a way to let your pet roam freely and still keep an eye on their whereabouts. Your pet will be easily found with smart tags no matter where their nose takes them. 

Keep reading to learn more about Pet Tap, our pet locator that will help you find your furry friend in no time.

How to Use the Pet Tap

The first notable thing about the best pet tags on the market is the ease of use. The only thing you need to do to own a personal pair of smart tags is fill in your name, number, and shipping information, and the package will be on its way to your home.

And no, once they get there, you won’t have to save an entire afternoon by setting up the pet locator and its app. Our smart tags take just a few seconds to set up.

Once the package arrives, all you need to do to start your Pet Tap journey is scan the tag for the first time. That will allow you to add all the necessary information to your profile. The chip will already be set up too, so there’s no need to think about that either.

Of course, if you wish to help Pet Tap in the process of joining you and your four-legged friend back together, you can add more info and thoroughly prepare your profile.

Once you do that, your pet’s safety will be taken care of, and you can let them play with no worries.

The Features That Make Pet Tap the Best Pet Tags on The Market

Not all pet locators are the same. We take pride in the quality of our product and the features it brings. Check out some of them and see what makes Pet Tap the best pet tags on the market.

  • Stylish Design

Our designers chose to stick with a minimalistic approach when creating these smart tags. They don’t need to look innovative, futuristic, or take away from the beauty of your companion. Our cats and dogs are cute enough as it is. And, don’t even get us started with bunnies and other furry creatures that can wear pet ID tags.

  • High-Quality Molded Plastics

A high-quality build is probably the most vital feature a pet locator can have. Dogs love to dig, wander around the woods and sniff everything their nose comes across. Cats love climbing trees and jumping off different heights. Their adventures can become quite rough depending on which type of animal you have. 

So, what’s the point of having smart tags if they can’t last throughout an adventure? With Pet Tap, your curious buddy can wander all they want – the pet tag isn’t going anywhere.

Don’t forget, our product is water-resistant as well. So if your pet tends to cool off in the pool or a puddle, you’ll still be good to go.

  • Safety of Information

Don’t be afraid of letting your pet go out with all of your information around its neck. With Pet Tap, you’ll get to lock your profile and keep your phone and address safe until you wish to do otherwise.

Only if you lose a pet should you unlock the Pet Tap and allow your companion to be returned to its beloved owner.

  • Ease of Use

You may be wondering how hard it is to return a pet wearing a Pet Tap tag. Well, it’s pretty simple.

Once the owner realizes their pet is missing, they can release the info, and all the finder needs to do is scan the locator.

Tapping the tag is all they need to do to get the necessary information. Then, they’ll see the pet’s name and the directions to its home.